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Журнал First Break – Октябрь 2010 – Выпуск 10 – Том 28 – Новости отрасли

South Australian seismic push by Rodinia

Canadian company Rodinia Oil says that its wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Officer Basin Energy, contracted Terrex Seismic of Perth, Western Australia for its planned Phase III Officer Basin seismic survey. The project consists of approximately 1900 km of 2D seismic on PEL 81 and PEL 253 in South Australia and is expected to cost $13.5 million.

This seismic programme, expected to take approximately six months to complete, will add a small number of additional lines to its current top 10 drill leads (Focus Area 1). These lines are to be acquired early in the programme so that they can be interpreted prior to the drilling campaign, to further optimize target definition and reduce exploration risk. New seismic in areas of previous limited seismic coverage, such as Focus Area 2 (the east end of PEL 81) will be acquired along with infill seismic to convert leads into drillable prospects in the sparse seismic grid on the East end of Focus Area 1 (central PEL 81).

Rodinia has identified numerous prospects in the Officer Basin in Focus Area 1. However, due to the vast areas and limited existing seismic, it states that it’s necessary to augment the existing seismic coverage to further evaluate the potential of the basin on Rodinia’s lands and to high-grade additional prospects to the drill-ready stage. Terrex Seismic previously completed surveys for Rodinia in the Officer Basin, and is planning to utilize a crew with special vehicles and camp equipment to operate efficiently in the remote areas of the Great Victoria Dessert.

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