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Журнал First Break – Октябрь 2010 – Выпуск 10 – Том 28 – Новости отрасли

WGP mobilizes source for Valhall LoFS repeats

UK company WGP Group has mobilized the Stril Myster platform supply vessel for the start of operations providing the source for the next series of repeat seismic shooting over BP’s Valhall Field as part of its pioneering life of field seismic (LoFS) project.

In 2003 BP installed its LoFS ocean bottom cable (OBC) array and contracted WGP to design the source system. Eight years and 11 repeat surveys later, WGP has been contracted to install and operate the same portable source system, now owned and contracted by Thalassa Energy Services (TESL). The Valhall LoFS shooting area consists of 179 shot lines spaced 50 m apart with an average shot-line length of 14.2 km, over 13 permanently installed and trenched receiver lines supplied by Geospace Engineering Resources International (GERI), an OYO Geospace company. The total number of pre-plot shots in the survey area is 51,041.

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