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Журнал First Break – Октябрь 2010 – Выпуск 10 – Том 28 – Новости отрасли

Roxar release improves the workflow

Emerson Process Management has released Roxar RMS 2010.1, the latest version of its reservoir modelling solution. The new software is said to add powerful seismic visualization for improved decision-making and quality control. The intention is that users will now be able to fully leverage their seismic data through every step of the seismic to simulation workflow, enabling critical decisions with less risk. Emerson’s flagship reservoir modelling solution, Roxar RMS comprises 13 fully integrated software modules, including mapping, reservoir modelling, well planning, reservoir simulation, and uncertainty modelling tools. The company says that Roxar RMS 2010.1 adds advanced seismic volume visualization tools to the workflow which facilitate thorough quality control of interpretations, structural, and property models, simulation models, and well plans. It also features improved quality control (QC) tools, offering an efficient and easy way to QC property models. Ordin Husa, managing director of Roxar Software Solutions, described RMS 2010.1 as another milestone which further closes the gap in the workflow between seismic and simulation.

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