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Журнал First Break – Октябрь 2010 – Выпуск 10 – Том 28 – Специальная тема

Applying the phase congruency algorithm to seismic data slices: a carbonate case study

Авторы: B. Russell, D. Hampson и J. Loge

Номер: Том 28, Выпуск 10, Октябрь 2010

Специальная тема: Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering

Язык: английский

Информация: Статья, PDF (2.03 Mb)

Краткое описание:

Brian Russell, Dan Hampson and John Loge show how discontinuities on seismic data slices can be identified using a phase congruency approach, an application more commonly associated with identification of features on photographic images and image processing for robot vision. The discussion concludes with two seismic examples a karst collapse study from the Boonsville field in Texas and a fractured carbonate reservoir from Alberta — where the algorithm is applied to compare the phase congruency results with other seismic techniques such as coherency and curvature.

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