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Журнал First Break – Май 2013 – Выпуск 5 – Том 31 – Новости EAGE

Students can fast forward their careers in London

The Student Programme this year at the Annual Meeting in London provides those heading for a career in geoscience and engineering the best opportunity yet to fulfill their ambition. What could be a better theme than ‘Fast Forward the Future’ for the many exciting, educational, and entertaining activities for obtaining up-to-date knowledge and skills, hopefully on the way to a job. The programme includes activities in the Student Court, as well as student short courses, workshops, poster presentations, trial interviews, exhibition tours, and much more! There are all sorts of reasons to participate. What’s better than to start a future career by meeting up with your future employees in an informal setting? The Recruitment Café is one of the highlights and was organized for the first time during EAGE’s Annual Meeting in Copenhagen last year. Several students actually ended up with real job offers! Students will have another chance in the Recruitment Café this year: two hours of ‘speed dating’ with industry representatives will take place in the Student Court.

The Geo-Quiz now has a legendary status. It challenges university students to prove their geosciences knowledge and skills learned during the course of their studies. This year’s quizmaster will be Prof Iain Stewart, professor of geosciences communication at the University of Plymouth, and a popular TV and radio presenter who has won acclaim for his BBC documentaries on our planet and the forces that shape it.

Besides Prof Stewart, EAGE has invited Jan Zalasiewicz (University of Leicester) to this years’ motivational speaker on Tuesday 11 June. A field geologist, palaeontologist, and stratigrapher, he teaches various aspects of geology and Earth history, and is a researcher into fossil ecosystems and environments across over half a billion years of geological time.

The Job Centre is an important recruitment area for students, professionals, and company representatives. According to feedback from Job Centre exhibitors, it is a great way of meeting and finding potential recruits and they find the quality of the visitors to be very high. In the Job Centre, oil and service companies as well as several recruitment agencies are on hand to help students find job opportunities.

On Monday 10 June the prestigious FIELD Challenge will be organized. This is when the six best university teams from the online essay elimination contest get to battle it out in a contest to analyze and propose a FIELD development plan for a discovered hydrocarbon resource. All students are encouraged to cheer for the teams and find out who will win the FIELD Challenge 2013!

More reasons to participate in the London ’13 Student Programme (poster presentations, courses, the student evening, etc.) can be found on www.eage.org.

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