Researcher Links Workshop   11–15 сентября 2017 г.
Prediction of Complex Reservoir Systems under Uncertainty   Томск, Россия

Researcher Links Workshop

Modelling and forecasting of geological reservoirs is a multidisciplinary problem yet rarely do the disciplines work closely together and research efforts are still often done in siloes. What if we could facilitate a shared understanding of the problems and potential solutions to forecasting under uncertainty and create new research opportunities in the process?

This Workshop is designed to help researchers from all backgrounds to share knowledge, gain understanding and build relationships with other scientists, to help solve the grand challenges in modelling complex geological systems.

The Workshop will bring together geologists, geophysicists, engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists from academia and industry to share their expertise. Participants will focus on innovative ideas on how to improve predictions and decision-making for complex Earth systems and increase the value of the multi-scale data and multi-physics knowledge from geology, geophysics, petrophysics and engineering. The workshop will work towards developing several collaborative research proposals based on the new shared understanding focused on the four key themes that are common across all disciplines:

1) Data & Knowledge: How to make the most of the available data and knowledge?

2) Complexity: How complex do our models need to be given the uncertainty?

3) Risk & Uncertainty: How to forecast/predict under geological uncertainty?

4) Decision making: How can we make the best decisions given the risks/uncertainty?

Workshop committee


  • Dr Vasily Demyanov (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Prof Ivan Goncharov (Tomsk Polytechnic University)

Panel experts:

  • Dr Dan Arnold (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Marina Krylova (Rosneft)
  • Prof Valery Ryzhkov (Gubkin State University for Oil and Gas)

Contributions will be invited on a competitive peer-review basis.


Detailed information is available on website. Industry sponsorship is welcome at e-mail.




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